I am very lucky to be able to say I have travelled alone and also with my boyfriend, and although I can’t tell you what you’d prefer, I’m going to give my ‘Pros and Cons’ list of each option.

I thought I would share tips and what I have learnt from each experience in separate blog posts, so make sure you check back if you wanna know more!


Pros and cons of travelling with someone or travelling alone


  • You force yourself to meet more people. You’re more likely to step out of comfort zone which means you can meet more locals, or more people travelling like you!
  • Get the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want
  • Gaining independence and a whole lotta confidence


  • Less likely to do something if you’re on your own
  • Less photos of yourself having a lotsa fun
  • More expensive, you cant half the price of a hotel room
  • Can get lonely and homesick
  • More dangerous
  • Might not feel as comfortable around new people




  • Always have company
  • Plenty of photo ops!
  • Less self-conscious when you’re with someone
  • Safer
  • Less expensive
  • Always someone to cheer you up if you’re homesick or down


  • Less likely to go out your way to meet others
  • Might get annoyed with each other being with each other 24/7
  • Having to compromise and do things you might not wanna do
  • Arguments (boo!)

Personally I think travelling with someone is the best – much more fun and after, although I do really recommend travelling somewhere on your own, as I gained so much confidence from it!

Have you have the opportunity to do both – which did you prefer? Or would you consider doing both?

  • I’m just about to begin travelling solo and I’m a little apprehensive. As much as I would like my boyfriend to come with me, he cant due to work. But I think well, I want to see these places and I can’t just sit around and wait for someone to join me! Scary but I’m a little excited.
    Words By Katie

    • Anna

      Wow! You will have so much fun! Enjoy it 🙂 xx