Travel Guide: NEW YORK CITY

Tourist Travel Guide: New York City. A travel guide for tourists, by tourists.

| Things To Do |

There are so so many things to do in New York. Too many to list. My top 5 things that everyone MUST do/visit:

  • Times Square. This will amaze you. It is so much like the films, but at the same time, so different. Before I visited it the first time, I was surprised at actually how BIG Times Square was – and how many lights there were! First or fifth time there, it never gets old.
  • Central park. Obvious one, but who doesn’t want to go on a little wander around this famous park. I love walking in there. So many people have said it, but it really does feel like your not in a city when you are there. I’ve always made myself get lost in Central Park – sounds cheesy, but its the best way to see things you might not normally see (and easy to find your way out again). Plus there are so many things to do – visit all the statues, have something to eat, go rowing on the lake, go to the zoo!
  • Top of the Rock. If you need to choose between the Empire State or the Rockafella, I’d say the latter. The views are just so much better. But make sure you pop into the lobby of the Empire State to check out the decor!
  • The Highline. Another great place to walk around, and feel you’re not in the hustle and bustle of the city. Its an unused rail track which has been turned into one long garden. So great.
  • Museums. Natural History, MOMA, Guggenheim are all personal favourites of mine! Some of them charge entrance fees, but most are just donations – so you can pay what you can afford. There are also free Friday evenings in MOMA – take a look at the website here.

| Accommodation |

If you go to New York, you must be prepared to pay a lot for things – mainlyΒ accommodation. Going out of the main areas, (Times Square, near Central Park etc) will be a bit cheaper, especially Brooklyn. Try sites like to get the cheapest hotels, or Airbnb to get even cheaper and more unique and interesting stays.

There are loads of hostels in New York and Brooklyn, I stayed in one on my first stay – if you’re looking for a cheaper place, and you’re going with friends, I would recommend staying in a hostel – after all, you’re hardly going to be in the place when you’re in New York.

For a more luxury stay, I would really recommend Citizen M near Times Square. The super modern rooms are amazing – who doesn’t want to set your own light sequence, or use a remote to open the blinds?! And not forgetting the spectacular views for the rooftop bar!

Tourist Travel Guide: New York City. A travel guide for tourists, by tourists. Tourist Travel Guide: New York City. A travel guide for tourists, by tourists.

| Food and Drink |

Fooooood! There are so many places in New York to eat, and drink. My favourite areas: West Village and East Village have some great quirky cafes. I’ve found a few great restaurants by just wandering around Brooklyn.

Citizen M has a perfect rooftop bar to start the evening off, after, why not venture down to East Village. I have had two really great nights out in East Village – there are so many secret bars, and my favourite, BARCADE, which is basically what it says, a bar and an arcade. Perfect.

Are you visiting New York soon? Or have you been recently – let me know which parts are your favourite!

  • Great post! I love NYC too! I think I’ve been 5 or 6 times at least…
    My favourite tip is the roof garden at the top of the Met gallery such a great view over the park and the skyline. I’ve written a couple of New York posts myself over on my blog if you want to check them out πŸ™‚


  • This is just the post that I need as I am going New York on Thursday, so thank you!

    Alicia x

    • Anna

      Enjoy New York – so jealous, I want to go back! Hope you have a lovely time! πŸ™‚

  • Sindy Ng

    i’ve done all those things you’ve recommended. What else can I do? Something magical perhaps

    • Anna

      Wow Sindy, you’re one lucky pup! If you want magic why don’t you go to the Magical World of Harry Potter in Florida. Keep checking back in the next few weeks for my go-to guide on florida and the keys. Or better yet, sign up and get it delivered straight to your inbox! xoxo

      • Sindy Ng

        no thanks