Hands up if you wanna go travelling? Yup, me too!

A few months after graduating from university, I was lucky enough to be able to go on a road trip around America. It was by no means a cheap trip (almost £6000 each) so I knew I needed so much more money than I had already saved. But after 5 months of earning minimum wage, I had done it! I’m sharing all my money saving tips with you below – don’t be expecting any mind-blowing tips, but hopefully they will help you save some money too!

#1 | Create A Budget Plan |

A good place to start is by planning exactly where you want to go travelling and work out how long you can go for. This will give you a savings goal – it’s much easier to save if you have a goal in mind! Once you’ve figured out where you want to go, create a budget plan. You can then see what you are spending money on each week, so you know where, and how much, you can save. You just need to write out what you NEED to spend a month, petrol, rent, phone etc, how much you want to save a month, and then you’re able to plan how much you have for the rest of the month to see friends/buy those shoes that you want need. It’s a bit boring doing all this, but it’s totally worth it. Theres loads of budget plans that you can find online to download for free- I especially love this one because it’s so pretty and easy to use!

#2 | Change Banks |

I’ve recently changed my bank, and got £100 just for the swap! Even if you’re part of a bank that does this already – such as Nationwide, if you recommend a friend, you both get £100 once your friend has swapped! Easy peasy! Plus, create a savings account, and set up automatic transfers into that account each month! Super-duper easy peasy!

#3 | Topcash Back |

This is such a good website – I use it whenever I make a transaction online – no matter how small. It all adds up! So far I have made £153! Sign up through this link – http://www.topcashback.co.uk/ref/annadoug18

#4 | Buy A Jar That Won’t Open |

And put all your loose change in there at the end of every week. You will be surprised at how fast it adds up! Jars that don’t open (that you can buy in most pound stores) will stop the temptation of pinching a bit every now and then. I’ve recently opened one after saving for a few months, and saved £80! Another tip: If you work in a restaurant/pub, buy one of these for all your tips – this means your less likely to just spend it all. When I worked in a pub – I managed to save over £100 just by putting my tips in a jar for a month.

#5 | Do It Yourself Makeover |

I know how tempting it is to get your nails done, or to get your eyebrows tinted and waxed each month. (because, well, eyebrows!) But every time you find yourself about to book an appointment, ask yourself; would you rather have new nails for a few weeks, or go somewhere really super-duper exciting on your travels! Get yourself some nail varnish from boots, and invite a friend over for a much needed catch up and a nail party – any excuse, right? (plus if you have saved enough by the time you’re ready to go travelling, you can go and get yourself a make over – because you have to have fresh nails/eyebrows/skin/everything for travelling don’t you!)

If you think you won't have enough money to go travelling, then here's 11 awesome money saving tips for you! You can save money in so many different ways!

#6 | Don’t Impulse Buy |

Never buy anything on a whim. Always walk away and think before you buy anything, “Do I really need this – or would I rather be spending my money on a fancy dinner in a cool cafe somewhere in New York?”

#7 | Clear Your Room and Wardrobe |

This is a great way to clear your mind as well! Be very strict with yourself, and get rid of things in your room that you no longer really need or want. Ask yourself – do I really need it? If you don’t need it put whatever you think you can sell into a pile to put on ebay.

Also clear out your wardrobe! If you haven’t worn something in a year, sell it, if the top doesn’t fit, sell it! It will make you feel good having a room and a wardrobe that is clear, plus you have so many things to make extra money on eBay. If you have anything that doesn’t sell, or anything you think wont sell, wait till the summer and do a car boot sale, you’ll be surprised at what some people buy at a car boot sale…

#8 | Bring Your Own Food |

If you buy your lunch out of at work, you can easily be spending more than £25 a week. I know its annoying having to make your own lunch the night before, but I’ve got a few recipe ideas that are quick and easy (and healthy) on my pinterest here. Planning meals in advance can save so much more time, and money.

#9 | Get Another Job |

I know some of you won’t like this and won’t want to do it, But this is what I did. I first got a job in a pub, and after while I managed to get a job at a supermaket for every other monring, so some days I worked at the supermarket 6am – 10am, then 12pm – late in the pub. It was tourture having to get up so early, but I just kept thinking about the money! Take overtime any time you can get it – see if your work pays more on sundays – and when you can’t be bothered with work any more (like everyone) just think about how much of a good time you will have when travelling.

#10 | Save On Rent |

This might not be possible for you, but I lived at home to save money. So if you don’t live with your parents, and if it is possible, move back home. It will only be for a bit and you’ll be saving so so so much of bills and rent. If you do do this – pay out the amount you usually pay for rent into a savings account.

#11 | Quit the Gym |

I’m not saying don’t exercise, just do you really need the expensive gym membership? Why don’t you get some fresh air and go for a run, or buy an excise dvd and do a work out whenever you want? I have the 15 minute Davina DVD, and it’s really good!